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Prevention of Sexual Harassment – POSH for Corporates

Self Paced

Last Update:

February 17, 2023


About Course

The online course aims to create awareness amongst Employees, IC – Internal Committees & Employer of a company. As per the mandates of PoSH Act any company with 10 and more employees should be compliant with Anti Sexual Harassment Act. This course is designed role based with engaging, self paced and scenario based videos.

What is the objective of this course?

The online course aims to create awareness among employees, employers and Internal Committee members of a workplace about the pertinent laws related to prevention of workplace sexual harassment. This course is designed with help of engaging, self paced and scenario based example videos which makes learning enjoyable!

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What Will You Learn?

  • To empower yourself about the ways to prevent, prohibit and redress incidents of workplace sexual harassment
  • Identify what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour at a workplace
  • Concept of 'Unwelcome'
  • Understand which acts or behaviour may or may not amount to workplace sexual harassment
  • The redressal procedure and its various related aspects
  • Importance of confidentiality
  • Mandatory compliance as per the PoSH Act 2013

Course Content


  • Introduction to the online module : Introduction
  • Who is an employer? : With great power comes great responsibility
  • How to select Internal Committee members? : Complaints: Handle with care
  • Duties and responsibilities of an employer : Actions speak louder than voice
  • Penalties for non-compliance : Ignorance of law is no excuse
  • Summary of all topics : In a nutshell
  • Section 2: Case Analysis Videos
  • Case Analysis 1
  • Case Analysis 2




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Material Includes

  • E-Learning Modules
  • Quizzes
  • Final Assessment


  • No prior knowledge required


  • Employee (Full time, part time, contractual, interns, consultants etc.)
  • Employer, Board of Directors
  • Internal Committee members
  • HR, Students of Law/Legal Studies
  • Anyone who seeks to gain information about the prevention of sexual harassment law in India