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How do I get a receipt after purchasing a course?

If you purchased a course directly through the platform as a retail user, a receipt for your order will be sent directly to the e-mail address you registered with.
If you received a token to enroll into a course through your organization/college, please contact your college for receipt details. No individual receipts are provided for such purchases

I purchased a course on the platform. How do I start accessing the e-Learning?

You will receive a token number (via e-mail for direct purchase on the platform or through your college/institutions IEEE-BLP program coordinator). Enter the token number on your dashboard on the IEEE BLP platform (after signing in at ). You will be successfully enrolled to the course once the platform accepts the token as valid. Click on the Play button for the course on the dashboard to launch the e-Learning program or to perform other activities associated with the course. If you have trouble enrolling for courses, please send an e-mail to

I am a faculty at a college and would like to enroll my students for the IEEE Blended Learning Program. How do I do this?

Please contact our sales team at

How long do I have access to the courses after successful enrollment (token number accepted by the platform)?

E-Learning access: Three months from the time you enter a valid token number on the platform or until you complete the lab session whichever comes later. The entire program (e-Learning, Lab, and end-of-course assessment) must be completed within 6 months of purchase.

How can I extend access to the e-Learning course beyond the end date?

Please send us an e-mail at You may be granted extension upon the sole discretion of the IEEE BLP Program administrator under exceptional circumstances.

I purchased and enrolled into a course but I am not able to continue. Can I get a refund?

Please refer to the course refund policy. You can write us at

Where can I find instructions to navigate e-Learning?

Navigation Guides:If you have purchased a course from us, you would have received a ‘Getting started version of the Learner Navigation Guide’ from our support team. If you did not, please contact us at and we will be happy to share one. Help Lecture:If you are having trouble navigating the e-Learning, please click on the ‘Help Lecture’ (represented by a question mark symbol) present on every e-Learning slide.

I entered my course token and the platform shows that my token number is invalid.

Please double check to make sure that you have entered the correct token number. If you received the token number from your college/university administrator, please contact them to ensure that the same token number has not been shared with someone else previously. If you purchased the course directly on the platform, please send an e-mail request to for further help.

I just enrolled to a course. How do I begin e-Learning ?

After purchasing the course you must activate it before using it. If you know your license token, Click on the activate button on the “My Learning Dashboard” page. to enter token and activate course. Learner Dashboard If you don’t know your license token You can retrieve your license token from order history page (click My Orders -> Licenses), then follow above-mentioned instructions to activate the course My Orders Once the course has been activated, you can launch the course by clicking the PLAY button of the course card on the “My Learning Dashboard” page.

How do I access all the courses I have purchased/enrolled for?

After purchasing the course you must activate it before using it. Your learner dashboard shows all the courses you are enrolled for. If you have enrolled for more than two courses, sign-in with your credentials and click on the arrow symbol to browse through all your courses.

Can I download courses and complete them at my leisure?

The e-Learning part of the IEEE Blended Learning Program is specifically designed to be an interactive online course accessed through a web-browser interface. You would need access to a computer with appropriate configuration, an Internet connection, and appropriately configured audio. System requirements are provided in the program details page.

Can I print/download course material?

IEEE Blended Learning Program includes several supplementary materials for each course that can be downloaded and printed. Please note that all course material and the platform is subject to the IEEE and/or our partners Copyright, where applicable.

The e-Learning has suddenly become unresponsive. How can I restart the program without losing data?

The e-Learning part of the courses is designed to be highly interactive but there are very few cases where any data loss may occur in the event of any platform malfunction. If there is power interruption or an Internet connectivity issue while browsing the Practice and Assess sections of e-Learning, you will have to redo the problem you were solving at the time of the interruption.

Will my assessment results be saved if the Internet connection is lost during the session?

If you were in the middle of the assessment section, you will be asked to begin assessment again. Only the first, fully completed assessment results will be stored in the system for future retrieval.

What happens when there is power interruption or the Internet connection is lost in the middle of the course?

When you resume e-Learning, you will have an option to begin from where you last left off. However, you will have to sign-in and re-launch the specific e-Learning course.

I cannot listen to the audio/there is inconsistency and drag in the audio. How can I fix this issue?

Please make sure that the audio on your computer is configured properly, has Internet connectivity, and other system requirements are met. If you are still facing an issue after checking your computers audio configuration, please send e-mail to

The audio is too fast/slow for me. I am unable to listen to all concepts in one take. How can I fix this issue?

You can control the audio playback in several ways. First, you can pause and resume the audio playback using audio controls available on the screen. You can also play audio from specific places within the page. Each page also includes a transcript of the audio to allow you to follow the audio more easily.

How can I communicate feedback about the IEEE Blended Learning Program?

We value your feedback on the IEEE’s Blended Learning Program. You can provide feedback on specific aspects of e-Learning and Lab after completing those parts of the program, respectively. The links for a feedback from are available on your Course Details page (post Sign-in). If you have additional feedback, please send us e-mail at

I am having several technical issues while browsing the e-Learning. Whom do I contact?

Please send e-mail describing, in detail, the issues you are facing along with your system details to Please include the following information: Your system configuration (OS with version, RAM etc.) Browser and its version Nature of the issues including any screenshots

Why is the Course Feedback link not enabled in my Course Details page?

The Course Feedback link will be enabled only after 100% of both e-Learning and the lab sessions are completed. Please feel free to send specific feedback to

I have completed the program but unable to download the certificate.

Certificate link will be enabled once you submit the feedback form. It is mandatory to complete the program 100% to get the certificate.