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Python for Everyone

Self Paced

Last Update:

July 25, 2023

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About Course

Python is consistently rated as one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Python is easy to learn and effective to implement. It is open-source and versatile. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including Procedural, Object Oriented, and functional programming languages. It has become a primary programming language in various universities across the world. Unique motivations make Python the top choice of any programmer for building different applications in AI and ML. Today’s market demands more Python Programmers due to its application in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.    

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What Will You Learn?

  • The course will help you:
  • To get introduced to all aspects of these unique and vital programming techniques and software applications
  • Python helps you understand that you do not need to compile your program before executing it. This is similar to PERL and PHP
  • To explore Python how it is used in web scrapping applications, gaming, data visualization, CAD applications, and business applications
  • This course helps you analyze desktop GUI and embedded applications as an industry expert
  • This course helps you analyze the present scenario in the world of IoT
  • To get introduced to Python programming and understand the fundamentals of Python in today's world
  • To explore lists, slicing, modifying lists, tuple, data type of tuples, and dictionaries
  • To become a Python professional to build topnotch quality of web designs, build applications in AI and ML
  • To understand object-oriented techniques, analyze exceptions
  • To understand the fundamentals of data structures, file handling, and lambda expressions

Course Content

Installation of Python

Strong and Dynamic Typing

Variables and Memory Management

Control Structure and Iterative Loops

Strings and Operations on Strings

Lists, Slicing, and Modifying Lists

The Properties and Methods of Lists

Tuple and Data Type of Tuples

Dictionaries, Functions, and Objects

Local and Global Variables

Lambda Expressions

Modules and File Handling


OOPs Concept, Objects, and Classes

Methods and Constructor

Attributes and Inheritance

Method Overriding and Operator Overloading


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Material Includes

  • E-Learning Modules
  • E-Labs
  • Quizzes & Assessment after each module


  • Anyone who knows or does not know about programming language
  • Anyone interested in Python or learning a new programming language
  • Anyone who has an interest in web design, gaming, AI, and ML technologies
  • Working professionals and hobbyists who want to learn coding in Python