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Software Engineering
Data Structures for Application Development

Self Paced

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April 18, 2023

Big data analytics visualization technology with scientist analyzing information structure on screen with machine learning to extract strategical prediction for business, finance, internet of things

About Course

Programs work on data. But data must be expressed and organized within computers before being processed by programs. This organization and expression of data for programs’ use is the subject of data structure and representation. Simply put, a data structure tries to store and organize data in a computer in such a way that the data can be used efficiently. This course describes various data structures, their representation, and how they can be used for solving real-world problems.


What is the objective of this course?

The course covers the Datastructure including types, applications, Arrays, linked lists, Stacks, Queue, Heap, Hash, Trees etc

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the various types of data structures
  • Understand the linked lists and their types
  • Learn use of stacks, queues and heaps and process to build a heap
  • Know how priority queues can be implemented using heaps
  • Learn the use of hash tables and trees
  • Understand how traversing can be performed in binary trees
  • Learn the features of a red-black tree and trie tree
  • Understand the Data Structures and their applications
  • Understand kinds of data structures

Course Content

Introduction to Data Structures

  • Data Types
  • Data Structures
  • Applications of Data Structures
  • Types of Data Structures
  • Linear Data Structures
  • Non-linear Data Structures
  • Static Data Structures
  • Dynamic Data Structures

Introduction to Linear Data Structures

Non-Linear Data Structures –Heaps and Hash Tables

Non-Linear Data Structures –Trees


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Material Includes

  • E-Learning Modules
  • Quizzes & Assessment after each module
  • Assignments


  • Basic knowledge in computer science is helpful but not mandatory


  • New employees going through on-board training Software engineering
  • Engineering students studying computer science engineering/electronics/or related fields
  • Software engineers/ working professionals who are keen to work on software development