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Event Category: Development

Anushree P February 27, 2024

IEEE SA Rural Communication Telecom Event

ABOUT EVENT Day 1 Event:  IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Workshop on Rural Connectivity provides an opportunity to deep dive into the policies, infrastructures, applications, use cases, standardization and open source efforts that are gaining prominence in creating communication infrastructure/ecosystem where not existing as well as improving utilization of such infrastructure/ecosystem where it is already […]

Sharif Hassan September 27, 2021

IEEE SA Open Workshop

Description Join us at the Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi campus to learn about open source and how it can help markets succeed, governments and cities meet the needs of their citizens and residents, and how it can impact the world. Speakers from around the world will share key community projects and you will learn […]

Sharif Hassan September 27, 2021

IEEE Education Week

Description IEEE Education Week is a weeklong celebration of educational opportunities provided by IEEE and its many organizational units, societies and councils from around the world. IEEE Education Week is a great way to explore education programs and offerings from IEEE. This event will allow participants to: To avail different offers To create interesting and […]