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Tag: Machine Learning

Self Paced June 26, 2023

IEEE Awareness Module on AI Ethics – (IEEE_SA_CertifAIEd)

AI ethics is central to the adoption of AI. Regulations are being developed across the world that will determine ethicality and market access. This course will explain to decision makers how ethicality is assessed in an AI solution, the differences between the risk-based approaches, and the advantages of outcomes based risk models. It will also […]

Self Paced February 17, 2023

Machine Learning

Introductory price for limited time period In today’s world, the ubiquitous influence of machine learning is being felt everywhere. With or without our knowledge of machine learning technologies are assisting or influencing our lifestyle. You are surrounded by machine learning everywhere, from ‘Alexa,’ ‘Siri,’ and ‘Google Assistant’ to Autonomous Vehicles. You see a large amount […]