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Tag: Drones

Self Paced February 16, 2023

Drone Application in IoT (DWBNRIoT)

The Internet has revolutionized the world. People think that “If the internet can deliver information, imagine what drones can deliver”. That perception is not exactly correct. Join us on the webinar to understand the actual possibilities and limitations by understanding the basics of a drone. Understand the areas where IoT drones could be really used? […]

Self Paced February 16, 2023

Embedded Systems with Drones

This course starts with an Introduction to Embedded System and goes on to cover some of the important topics such as ARM architecture, Interrupts, GPIO, ADC’s, Timers, Serial communication protocols like UART, I2C and SPI that are needed to build a drone. Apart from the core topics, some of the programming techniques for power efficient computing […]